T3 Media Group is a young, energetic and efficient company that combines over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising with 30 years firearms experience to include Military, Law Enforcement, Hunting and Competitive shooting. This experience, all of which have been focused in the shooting and outdoor community has given us an understanding of the people, customers and companies who work in the shooting industry. Indeed, we are part of the gun culture.

By keeping our fingers on the “pulse” of the this tactical and shooting community and by building professional relationships with the business,  military, law enforcement and media professionals we are able to give your company, your brand and  your products, exposure to the exact markets that for which they were made. We don’t approach marketing with a “shotgun” approach we prefer a precision, efficient and effective use of both effort and dollars.

We understand that the internet has changed how to communicate to your customers and have embraced this technology.  From buyer personas, video clips, blogs and click through rates to print advertising and television we can energize and grow your business

Because we have spent our lives immersed in the culture, philosophy, and technology of both sporting and tactical firearms industry, we are uniquely qualified to help you grow your business.

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